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System of Rice Intensification

  We have just harvested our last seasons rice crop. We had a bountiful harvest of approximately 4.1 tonnes (4100 kilos) of rice from approximately 2 acres of land. We use a system of rice growing called the System of Rice Intensification.

4 new photo albums added

New photo album

We have added a new photo album to the gallery. You can see the album here.

New article on the Varnasrama college.

As an institution founded by Srila Prabhupada the sole objective of the Bhaktivedanta Academy is to please him by developing the Academy into a premier educational institution.  Click here for full article.

A new photo album

A new photo album of some of the students of the B.A along with various shots of the Academy. Check it out here.

New calf Baldeo joins Academy

Our new calf Baldeo is a favourite with the boys, and he seems to be loving the atmosphere at the Academy. He is the first calf born on the campus from a Sahiwal father named Narasimha and te schools Sahiwal cow named Tanu.