Yearly, Semester, Weekly and Daily Schedules

Yearly schedule:


The Bhaktivedanta Academy school year is divided into three terms: Rama, Krsna & Hayagriva; with two main academic blocks:  

For example dates please click here for the 2011 yearly schedule.

Semester Schedule:


Hayagriva: Visvarupa Mahotsava to Vasant Pancami 

The main academic session. 

Rama: Nityananda Triyodasi to Nrsimha Caturdasi 

The secondary academic session.  

Krsna: Nrsimha Caturdasi to Visvarupa Mahotsava. 

For academics, preaching engagements, pilgrimages, temple openings & Deity installations. 


Weekly Schedule:


The week is divided accordingly. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesady and Thursday are our academic class days.


Wednesday is an Asrama day, it is used for Maha cleaning of the school, individual time and music lessons.


Saturday is an Asrama day, it is used for Maha cooking, individual time, and music lessons. During the winter season the boys are involved inserving Sri Sri Radha Madhava during the elephant procession.


Sunday is an Asrama day, it is used for attending the morning program in th etemple, exra individual time, and music lessons.


Daily schedule for:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesady and Thursday

5:30 am day school boys arrive and morning service begins

6:00 am Japa

6:30 First period

7:10 Second period

8:00 cleaning and preparing for breakfast and lunch

9:00 am Breakfast

9:45 am School assembly

10:00 am Third period

10:50 am break

11:00 am Fourth period

11:50 am Yoga, martial arts

1:00 pm afternoon service and cooking

2:30 p.m Lunch

4:00 p.m Evening service (farm work, cow care, and school cleaning)


3:45 p.m Evening service

4:30 p.m Fifth period

5:00 p.m Sixth period

4:45 p.m Fifth period

6:00 p.m Days school boys go home