Student interview


Interviewer: Adideva das.
Adideva das has been studying in the Bhaktivedanta Academy since 2006. He is seventeen years old and comes from North America. He is the head boy with numerous responsibilities. 
Interviewed: Jahnu das
Jahnu das has been studying here in the academy since 2005. He is sixteen years old and comes from Australia. He is a leading student in the Academy.
Adideva: What's your age and nationality?
Jahnu: I am sixteen years old and am from New Govardhana, Australia.
Adideva: How long have you been part of the Gurukula?
Jahnu: Around seven years.
Adideva: That's quite a while; do you have any responsibilities here?
Jahnu: Yes, I take care some of the younger boys and also manage most of the day to day services with my friend Cidananda Gaura.
Adideva: What were your initial thoughts upon entering the school?
Jahnu: Well, before I joined, I thought how I just wanted to be like those boys, in the kirtan, chanting mantras, taking part in the festivals, and when I actually joined I was just happy to be with them.
Adideva: What would you say was the most enjoyable thing you ever experienced in Gurukula?
Jahnu: That was Gundica Marjana '06 and we all went to the temple for a big maha cleaning. Since everyone was scrubbing the floor, it was very soapy. So, as little kids the only thing that came to our heads was 'Slide'. So, the bigger boys would stay in the center of the temple room and would whirl us around in all directions then let us go, sending us whizzing across the floor. It was great fun.
Adideva: So, how do you suppose your life would have differed had you stayed in New Govardhana rather than having come to Gurukula in Mayapur?
Jahnu: I think, if I would have stayed in New Govardhana, I would have to go to a local high school, and I would just get caught up in the day to day, 'normal', karmi, teenage life. And, I probably, wouldn't be very devotionally inclined because the association wouldn't be very good.
Adideva: What are your plans after Gurukula and how do you feel that your education will contribute to that?
Jahnu: I don't have any set plans for my life after Gurukula, but whatever I do, I want to be in the association of devotees and help spread Srila Prabhupada's movement. The goal of human life is to go back home back to Godhead. What Gurukula gives us is knowledge of the process, a set sadhana, and Vaisnava qualities which, I pray, at the end of my life, will take me home.
Adideva: Just to sum up, what would you say, personally, for you is the best or most important thing about Gurukula.
Jahnu: I think the values of a devotee can only be gotten by growing up in a devotional environment, because that gives us the opportunity to understand why devotees practice devotional service and, when we understand, we can apply ourselves to the practice and advance. I think that is the most important facility that Gurukula gives us. Gurukula is like an oven, when we go in we're soft and vulnerable to Maya, but after the baking process (Krishna conscious education) we have firm values and strong faith.