System of Rice Intensification


We have just harvested our last seasons rice crop. We had a bountiful harvest of approximately 4.1 tonnes (4100 kilos) of rice from approximately 2 acres of land. We use a system of rice growing called the System of Rice Intensification.

Mayapur has a minimum of 2 seasons of rice growing per year and sometimes 3. The soils are rich in nutrients and water is plentiful. Unfortunately due to the current agricultural practices supported by the government farmers are finding that it is necessary to increase chemical inputs in order to get the same or even less outputs. Soils become salinified and loose much of its humus and microorganisms.

The System of Rice Intensification also known as S.R.I is a completely organic system developed in Madagascar, it uses less seed, less water and no chemical inputs. We have been using this system for two seasons now and are finding that the soils are becoming healthier and soil life is abundant. In our second season we are getting yields of approximately 30 % more than other local farmers. Our input expenses are about 40 % less than local farmers as well. People have gone from calling us crazy to asking how to farm in this way. The rice grain color is a rich golden one. The grains are heavier and there is less chaff in threshed rice.

We are continuing to research and refine this method for our local environment but are very pleased with the results. We expect that in the next 2 years we will be able to double the local expected grain output.