Overview of Colleges


The Bhaktivedanta Academy, established in 1984, is an umbrella educational organization that accommodates the Sri Rupanuga Paramartika Vidyapitha, established in 1974 by Srila Prabhupada at Sri Dham Mayapur as a school and library that now offers adult education; the Sri Sandipani Muni Asrama, offering primary and secondary educational programs for boys; and the Bhaktivedanta Cultural Academy, offering primary, secondary & tertiary education for girls.
Sri Rupanuga Paramartika Vidyapitha:
The central college of the Bhaktivedanta Academy providing tertiary education and coordinating these areas:
  • Curriculum development for all Academy colleges.
  • Lectures for all Academy students.
  • Deity worship, tutorials and cultural training for residential students.
  • The Bhaktivedanta Research Institute:
    • facilities for research scholars & associate professors.
  • The Bhaktivedanta Resource Library:
    • Providing study materials for Academy students.
    • Publishing Academy publications.
Sri Sandipani Muni Asrama:
  • Primary & secondary educational programs for boys.
Sri Yajna Varaha Vidyaksetra:

  • Vedic academic & cultural education for residential primary and secondary students.
Sri Vidya Vacaspati Tol:
  • Vedic academic & cultural education for day boarder primary and secondary students.
Sri Anasuya Vidyamandala:
  • Vedic academic & cultural education for girls.
The Academy of Vedic Arts and Sciences: *
  • Performing Arts, Medicine, Architecture, Vastu & Fine Arts.
Bhaktivedanta Theological Seminary:
  • Adult educational programs for non-residential student.
The Bhaktivedanta Village:
  • Training in sustainable agriculture, cow care,various cottage industries, and the related lifestyle to direct students of the Bhaktivedanta Academy, local populations and visiting guests.
* This school or college is currently not open and is in the development stage.